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For more than 14 years the company has been working on wholesale distribution of electronic and electro technical radio components and radio parts which can be used in electronic equipment, instrument engineering, management systems, computing technology, transportation, military equipment, aviation and in the other fields at Ukrainian companies. Such radio details as relay,

diodes, transistors, silicon-symmetrical switch, microcircuits, resistors, condensers, transformers, contractors, lamps, electrical connectors etc are delivered.


Trading House “Etalon” deliver electronic and electro technical radio components and radio parts made in "Connector" (Kharkiv), OJSC "Ingul" Nikolaev Transformer Plant, State Enterprise "Plant Radioirele" (Kharkiv), OJSC "LTAVA" (Poltava), OJSC "Elektropribor" (Kyiv),  OJSC REOM (Odessa), OJSC KVAZAR (Kiev), OJSC Yunost (Krasnodon), Lugansk Region, NPP Seym (Putivl), Sumy Region, Dnepr-Semiconductors Plant (  Kherson), CJSC “FEROKERAM” (Belaya Tserkov, Kiev region), OJSC Kamenets-Podolsk Electromechanical Plant, OJSC “GRAVITON” (Chernovtsy), OJSC “Kvarts” (Chernovtsy), OJSC “Zakarpattia Electroautomatica  (smt. Bushtyno), GP Scientific Research Institute “GELY (Vinnitsa), ZNAMYA plant (Poltava), NOMINAL OJSC (Volochysk, Khmelnytsky region), GP NPK POLARON (Lviv),  GP KhEMZ (Kharkov), GP KhPP them.  Shevchenko (Kharkiv), KP NPK Iskra (Zaporizhia), OJSC Chernihiv Radio Equipment Plant (Chernihiv) and others.

  As well as we supply products of the plants of manufacturers of radio components of the CIS countries: NPO "INTEGRAL" (Minsk), OJSC "ANGSTREM" (Zelenograd), FGUP NZPP with OKB (Novosibirsk), FGUP "SARANSKY PLANT OF EXACT INSTRUMENTS" ( Saransk), GUP NPP PULSAR (Moscow), OJSC URAL PLANT OF ELECTRIC CONNECTORS ISET (Kamensk-Uralsky), OJSC NIIME and MICRON (Moscow, Zelenograd), SVETLANA-  SEMI-CONDUCTORS (St. Petersburg), VZPP – Assembling LLC (Voronezh), VOSKHOD OJSC (Kaluga), KREMNIY-MARKETING CJSC (Bryansk), FZMT OJSC (Fryazino), OA  About "KULON" (St. Petersburg), OJSC "CONTACT" (Yoshkar-Ola), RUPP "Vitebsk plant of radio components" MONOLIT "(Vitebsk) and many others.

We guarantee professionalism, attention and respectability to every client which are based on the work of our well-qualified assistants, the wide range of components, the minimum term of delivery, price flexibility.

Delivery of products in exchange for illiquid assets that are not currently used in your production is possible.


We hope for mutually profitable partnership



Ruslan Mudriy

director of Trading House «ETALON» LLC


Tel/fax.: (+38 044) 205-40-60