SHR connectors

The designation system consists of the elements:
SR - Plug Connectors
Execution options - (D) - hermetic; (GP) - sealed connector;
Fitting diameter of plug or socket in millimeters (12, 16, 20, 28, 32, 36, 40, 48, 55, 60)
Type of housing and casing * - (P) - instrument without casing or cable with a direct casing; (U) - cable with an angled casing; (PC) - instrument with a straight casing; (PKP) - straight cable pass; (SC) - instrument with a special (angular) casing, later replaced by (U);
Number of contacts
Type of cable to be connected - (E) craned or (H) unshielded
Type of contacts of the instrument part of the connector - (III) tyr or (D) nezdo
Reference number of contact combinations by their diameters
Contact plating - unlabeled - silver, (N) - chemical nickel
Additional option - (L) Evaya socket, for coupling with SHRG-P adapter
* In the original notation, this element had a different interpretation:
(P) - straight; (Y) - angular; (PC) - straight cable; (UK) - angular cable; (SK) - reverse corner cable; (DK) - double corner cable; (PKP) - straight cable pass; (UKP) - angular cable passage; (SKP) - reverse corner cable gland; (DKP) - double angular cable checkpoint.