KP "NPK" Iskra "of the standard ISO 9001

On March 28-30, the company supervised the quality management system of KP "NSC" Iskra "for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001 with the transition to the new version 2015.
This was the final supervisory audit in the three-year certification cycle (from 2016 to 2018). The audit was conducted by representatives of LLC Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine (Kyiv), with which our company has been cooperating in the field of certification services for more than 12 years.
As part of the audit, meetings of the auditors with the heads of departments and authorized departments and quality departments were organized.
During the event, an assessment was made of the quality management system documents used by the departments in their work, the quality objectives, the evaluation indicators of the work processes and their ongoing improvement.
The auditors have clearly indicated that all activities of the company are in line with the "Quality Objectives", "Context", "Quality Policies" and the overall development strategy of the enterprise.
In conclusion, the lead auditor S. Ruadze acknowledged that the audit was successful. He also indicated that in his report for Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine LLC, it would recommend to extend the validity of the certificate of compliance issued by the CPC "Iskra".
"The company has a professional team with whom it is nice to cooperate. The enterprise has a fairly high production and technical potential, equipment and technology, which in general contributes to its further development, "said Sergey Ruadze, Lead Auditor of LLC Bureau Veritas Certification Ukraine, and thanked all participants for the openness and goodwill audit.
The auditors also noted the responsibility and the desire of senior management in maintaining and further developing the Quality Management System, the high professionalism and competence of the staff. The transition to the new version of the standard ISO 9001: 2015, of course, will allow the company to raise the quality management system to the next, higher level of development. The recommendations of external auditors regarding the further alignment of the QMS with the requirements of the new version of the ISO 9001 standard will necessarily be taken into account when preparing for the next certification cycle in April 2019.